Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Frazier Wedding

Beautiful small cake with real flowers!

Batman Cake

A special, very simple Batman Cake for my 6 year old.

Daniel Tiger Cake

A last minuted Daniel Tiger Birthday Cake for this cutie!

Lego Cake

A Lego man cake!


For Emily's kindergarten class I was asked to bring her favorite book with treat to go with it.
Emily was so excited about the pinkalicious cupcakes!

Evil Minion

My son, Hunter, and I made a evil minion cake for our local scout cake auction. 

I was impressed with how much and how creative Hunter was.
He made the hair and the eye by himself. He used my rotary cutter to apply the circle impression around the edge of the overalls. I wanted to use fondant for the teeth but he wanted to use mini marshmallows. Not being my cake I let him do it. 

It turned out super, duper cute!

It think we did pretty good. 

Mermaid Barbie

A special, soon be 7 year old, requested
a Mermaid Barbie cake. 

She loved it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

Special cupcakes for a special school classroom!

Madagascar Cake

 My favorite thus far....

Ooops.... hadn't brushed my sugar away before taking the pictures.

Nativity Scene

For a ward talent night at Christmas time I was asked to bring a cake.
Wanting to do more than just a cake I made 7 mini cakes.
Turned them upside down, attached a sugar cookie to the top
and turned it into my very own little nativity scene.

Love em'

Little Pet Shop

My 5 year old wanted a Pet Shop Birthday Cake.
My favorite is the frog on the lily pod. 

                                                                Turned out super cute. 
                      Had one of my kids take the picture of it and well.... you get what you get. 

Barnyard Cake

3 layer cake for an animal lover!

Vanilla Wedding Cake

Bride bought ribbon, beads and flowers. 
She wanted it very simple!

Horse Cake

Horse jumping out of a present cake!

Care Bear

Miss Emily's 4th birthday party cake!

Old Fashion Basket Weave

Old Fashion basket weave butter cream cake. 

1st Birthday Monster Cake

My little man's 1st Birthday.
Love Monster cakes!